26,400 JPY



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EPA 2019

Monthly Tuition: 24,000 yen (26,400 yen including tax)

Bonus 1)
You can access a collection of my class (MIS) videos at FORWARD which can accelerate your learning.
*MIS is a 90 minute public speaking class held 8 times a month. The tuition to attend the class twice a month, the monthly tuition is 30,000 yen.

Bonus 2)
You can take one 30-minute personal one-on-one coaching session with me during the first one month!
*This personal online session ensures that you learn what area of skills you need to gain and how to take advantage of the lessons and the environment at EPA in order for you to improve those skills.

・You can use Visa、MasterCard、or American Express. *JCB is not available.